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Mike Sudhalter  |  April 27, 2007

I listen to dozens of country songs every day, but there were a few that have stood out in my mind recently.

"Outside Savannah, spring of 1844," Todd Fritsch sings. The Texan is singing a ballad about faith from the perspective of a church. It's an excellent song where you can picture in your mind the 163 years of this Georgia church. It's also a departure for Fritsch, a honky-tonker who shows his softer side on songs like this one and ballads like "So This Is Love", "Life's A Circle" and "Tables", which are all on Fritsch's "Sawdust album.

The second song is a traditional-based artist who delivers her material with sass and energy. Although Julie Roberts' "Men and Mascara" didn't enjoy the success of her debut, it's amazing how catchy "Girl Next Door" is.

It's the only song on the disc produced by James Stroud. The other 12 tunes were produced by Byron Gallimore. I'm not sure what that means, but this song is definitely different than the other tracks.

I like it because it's something most people can relate to. There's always someone that seems perfect, and you respect and dislike them at the same time.

Eric Church is one of the new artists I've really come to respect. I was listening to his album with a friend who's a non-country listener, and we both agreed that this guy has a strong blue collar theme running through his debut album, "Guys Like Me".

I'd like to point out the title track. Fitting in with "How Bout You" and "What I Almost Was", it's a song that so many people can relate to. Church sings "Guys like me drink too many beers on Friday after work, our best blue jeans have Skoal rings, we were our boots to church". Just good folks who like to have a good time.

The final one comes out of the relatively classic vault with 90's country artist Doug Supernaw. I've really enjoyed listening to his song "Reno", but I'm baffled at the reason why it took seven people to write it.

Maybe I like it because I'm relatively a hop, skip and jump from Reno now or possibly, because I've spent some time in casinos recently.

Regardless, it's an excellent ballad about the struggles of romance and gambling.

:: Posted at 12:52 AM by Mike Sudhalter ::
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