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Dave Evans announces retirement from heavy touring

Thursday, October 14, 2010 – Bluegrass artist Dave Evans announced he's retiring from regular touring schedule, and sticking closer to home. He made the announcement last Wednesday.

Arthritis and diabetes were the two main reasons he gave for his decision, according to radio DJ Becky Johnson on whose show Evans made the announcement. Evans also owns The Bluegrass Palace in Watts, Ky., a small venue where his band, Riverbend, are the host band. His shows are monthly, with plans for a special New Year's Eve celebration, complete with New Years Day Breakfast, cooked by Evans.

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Pretty Green Hills CD review - Pretty Green Hills
Veteran bluegrasser Dave Evans' newest is a long overdue treat. Evans worked with Larry Sparks, Red Allen, The Boys From Indiana and others before going out on his own in 1978. There is no doubt that he has one of the most soulful voices in the genre, and is one of the finer banjo and guitar players as well. This album is a nice mix of material, including bluegrass standards, "Head Over Heels," "Our Last Goodbye" and Little Willie," originals like, "Down And »»»
Just Look At Me Know, High Waters
Dave Evans is a rare and special talent in the world of bluegrass, a songwriter capable of expressing vivid and honest emotion and a musician (banjo is his main axe) who doesn't mind letting the rough side drag a little bit. The funky, rough-hewn qualities of his performances only add to the emotional wallop of his songs. These two reissues show that he's not afraid to mix some hard-country into his 'grass (check out the title cut of "Just Look at Me Now"). His fine banjo playing is much in »»»
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