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Category 5 signs new artist

Thursday, October 26, 2006 – Category 5 Records signed singer and songwriter Donovan Chapman and released his debut single "House Like That" to country radio.

Chapman's call to music started during his Air Force tenure when he began using leave time to journey to Nashville and write songs. That led to hooking up with Category 5's President/CEO Raymond Termini who is co-producing Chapman's debut for the label with Billy Joe Walker. The album is expected in early 2007.

"[Category 5's National VP of Promotions] Bill Macky and I were friends when he was at Sony," Chapman explains. "He heard my song 'House Like That' and when he got over to Category 5, he played it for Ray Termini. Ray flipped out, called me and said, 'Let's get you in here.'"

Chapman, half Hawaiian and half French-English-American Indian, may play ukulele or congas during a show, but the label says his music clearly is country.

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