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Aterciopelados pleads guilty to fun night

Brighton Music Hall, Boston, June 14, 2018

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

Colombian band Aterciopelados would have to plead guilty to not being the most active band out there. The group just released "Claroscura," its first disc since 2008's "Rio." And with no album out, there was little touring either.

One thing has not changed, though is that Andrea Echeverri and Hector Buitrago present one fun, engaging and intimate evening of music in a rare U.S. appearance in a short 11-day jaunt.

That started simply with the entrance of Echeverri and Buitrago. Echeverri, the lead singer, hopped up on stage with an ultra-large red and white mushroom headpiece, over the top to say the least. But she quickly set aside the prop and got into the music itself, starting with "Play" from the new disc, a pop song with reggae elements.

There were dance and pop elements to a good chunk of Aterciopelados' sound with the guitarist and keyboardist, who also helped out on backing vocals, playing prominent roles in establishing the sound.

The lithe Buitrago helped secure the bottom sound with his active bass along with sure-handed drumming from his band mate.

The songs often took off into higher gear, getting the heart moving with Echeverri propelling the songs with her vocals. "Florecita Rockera" was a prime example on the rock side and "Duo" on the mid-tempo end. While emphasizing the new disc, Aterciopelados played songs from throughout its 26-year career.

Echeverri, who was an artist before establishing the band, was a warm performer, easily engaging with the crowd with banter on a number of songs and even calling out a fan, Drew, who had flown in from Phoenix to see the show.

Aterciopelados needn't have worried about backing vocal help. Aterciopelados had that in spades from the enthusiastic crowd, who sang along with gusto in song after song.

As is to emphasize the sweetness of the sounds that pervaded the evening, the band passed out candy when all was said and done. That only added to the good tastes left behind by Aterciopelados. On that count, Aterciopelados was found guilty.