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The Price Sisters

A Heart Never Knows – 2018 (Rebel)

Reviewed by Greg Yost

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If you come across a bluegrass album by a group with "sisters" in its name, it is a pretty safe bet that you are going to be treated to some terrific harmony vocals. The Price Sisters, a young, twin-sibling duo hailing from Sardis, Ohio, is the latest bluegrass outfit proving that assumption to be true with its full-length debut on Rebel Records.

Lauren and Leanna Price waste no time in showing off their intrinsic vocal abilities. "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone," the fast-paced opening track, immediately engages the listener with a killer combination of the sisters' perfectly-blended vocals and top-notch picking by the duo and the supporting musicians - the template by which this collection ultimately succeeds.

The Price Sisters are excellent interpreters of song and throughout the 12 tracks, the duo tackles classic country/bluegrass tunes, along with more modern compositions.

While the entire album sounds great, the new takes on the classics stand out, including two A.P. Carter tunes - "You've Been A Friend To Me" and "Dark And Stormy Weather." Both renditions maintain the spirit of earlier recordings but benefit from slight increases in tempo and arrangements that include more instrumentation.

The duo takes a different approach with "The Lee Wedding Tune," an instrumental track from bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe. Lauren (mandolin), Leanna (fiddle) and award-winning producer Bil VornDick decided to stick close to Monroe's original version. That approach is bolstered courtesy of bluegrass legend Bobby Osborne. Osborne, a member of both the Grand Ole Opry and the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor, lent the twins some of his instruments to record this track, and his kindness was repaid with a stellar recording that honors Monroe's greatness.

One of the most enjoyable tracks is "Singing My Troubles Away," a tune originally written and performed by Country Music Hall of Famers, The Delmore Brothers. The Price Sisters' jaunty and playful cover is the perfect summation of this nice full-length debut album - a track rooted in tradition, but injected with enough youthful spirit to make it both memorable and relevant to modern audiences.