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TIm Bennett

The View From Here – 2017 (Sandy Beach)

Reviewed by Robert Wooldridge

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The second solo release from Southern California singer/songwriter Tim Bennett is a pleasant mix of country, blues, rock and folk. The strongest country tracks are the ballad "There Was Nothing I Could Do," a classic country tearjerker about a painful breakup ("She seemed to lose all feeling as though she didn't care/She looked off in the distance as if I wasn't there"), and the acoustic "Awakened By My Breaking Heart," which features Bennett's most passionate vocals as well as his hot harmonica solo. Similarly "I'll Be Expecting You" is a cheating song that ends sadly ("But you didn't show/I guess you changed your mind/It's probably best we both/Leave the past behind").

With the country rocker "Forgive and Forget," Bennett confronts his inability to let things go ("It's the source of all my bitterness/And cost me many tears"), while the bluesy "The End of the Line" has a pessimistic take on the future ("It's time you realize no choices lie before you/Stop listening to the voices in your head"). P>Other highlights are the rocker "A Dangerous Man" that takes a poke at Donald Trump for some of his controversial campaign statements ("I can promise anything I won't have to do/I could even shoot someone on 5th Avenue/Everybody loves me because I talk so tough/I know more than anybody knows about most stuff"), and an effective blues/folk rendition of Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You."

Produced by Bennett (acoustic guitar), the musicianship is stellar throughout with Hal Ratliff (keyboards), Rick White (electric guitars), Ernie Nunez (bass), Roger Gillespie (drums) and Matt Brislawn (fiddle). With Bennett's solid compositions and strong vocals, "The View From Here" is a fun, compelling listen.