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Silver City Bound

Take My Picture – 2016 ( Self-released)

Reviewed by Brian Baker

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Not all that long ago, accordionist/keyboardist Sam Reider and guitarist Justin Poindexter were churning out an appealing rootsy bluegrass/honky tonk soundtrack as The Amigos, but in 2015, the pair decided to rebrand themselves as Silver City Bound, introducing their new identity with a cover of the old Lead Belly song that provided them with their shiny new name. As Billy Shakes once noted, a rose is a rose is a rose, but sometimes your Amigos undergo some fairly substantial changes on the road to Silver City.

Along with The Amigos' talented rhythm section of bassist Noah Garabedian and drummer Will Clark, Reider and Poindexter have retained certain sonic elements of their former iteration on "Take My Picture," Silver City Bound's debut EP. As with The Amigos, Reider's accordion lends a Cajun spice to Silver City Bound's Americana gumbo on "Peacockin'," but the percussive title track and the chugging "I Wanna Get Drunk" lean toward The Jayhawks' end of the musical spectrum. "Take It Slow" and their moody and atmospheric spin through the Chips Moman/Dan Penn classic "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" show off the NYC-based quartet's country soul chops to a slow boiling turn. The Amigos took home the Independent Music Award's Americana Album of the Year honor for 2014's "Diner in the Sky" and, based on the results of "Take My Picture," Silver City Bound could very easily could transcend their own success.