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Tucker Beathard

Fight Like Hell – 2016 (Big Machine)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Not to put too much pressure on the kid, but Tucker Beathard's dad is Casey Beathard, one of Nashville's most respected songwriters. Although his single "Rock On" - which speaks to a guy's regret over not taking Beyoncé's advice to "put a ring on it" - rocks as hard as many of those songs his dad co-wrote with Eric Church, it also suggests Beathard has inherited some of his old man's skill at clever wordplay.

Football also runs in Beathard's family, so when he uses a pigskin analogy for "30 - 10 Tennessee," he's simply writing what he knows. "Momma and Jesus" also applies wisdom every Southern boy knows well: both mom and The Savior won't ever give up on even the most wayward child.

Beathard has pointed to Steve Earle as one of his big artistic inspirations, and he sings with a similar Earle-like edge throughout. He's obviously grown up on rock and roll, but he'll never get the country out of his blood (or voice). "Fight Like Hell," this EP's title track, encourages with an 'us against the world' lyric. It's tough, though, to picture Beathard as an underdog. Nevertheless, Beathard has done his name proud with this initial effort.