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The Price Sisters

The Price Sisters – 2016 (Rebel)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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The Price Sisters display some positive points, one being the mandolin playing of Lauren Price. She does an excellent job on their version of Bill Monroe's "Get Up John."

Sister Leanna Price doesn't meet the same level of musicianship. When she takes her break on "Get Up John," you feel like she's just behind the beat, struggling to get all her notes played, and they run together, not the crisp distinction you'd expect from, say, Kenny Baker. When she takes a fiddle break during a song, it sounds like she plays only as much as she has to and lacks inventiveness.

As soloists, they aren't bad singers but there is no sparkle or dynamic presence. They're on the sixth hour of a long set in a club. Their harmony doesn't blend. There's the same tired feeling and a dissonance between their voices, no blend that you usually expect from family members.

The song selection is short, just seven tracks, but includes good numbers like Buzz Busby's "Lost" and Monroe's "The One I Love Is Gone." Their accompanists are excellent musicians: Mike Bub (bass) and Charlie Cushman (banjo) with Ronnie McCoury and Dustin Benson making appearances.

They have promise, but it's going to take some work.