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Scott H. Biram

Nothin' But Blood – 2014 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by John Walker

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Scott Biram has been described as raucous, a bit psychotic and earned the title "The Dirty Old One Man Band." One thing missing from all these descriptions is talented. All these are on full display on Biram's new release.

As the title suggests, Biram leaves no stone unturned, his music and style is unrelenting and dripping with emotion. Be warned, however, Biram is not for the timid. He cuts loose openly and freely. Case in point is his own version of Mance Lipscomb's "Alcohol Blues." While Biram's talent shines, he allows the music to consume his soul, thus leading into an intense tirade of emotions. This is where Biram is different, be it good or bad. While he is clearly a talented writer and musician, he allows his music to take him beyond the limits others dare go.

As the name One Man Band suggests, Biram once again does it all on this record. He contributes his own take on a few covers, including the blues classic Willie Dixon's "Backdoor Man" and an inspired version of Doc Watson's "I'm Troubled." It is within these two covers Biram displays his innate music talents very well. The grit of his vocals bodes well for the blues, and his emotional pleas support the poignant Watson song.

Biram contributes two originals that stand out as well. The opening "Slow and Easy" sets the tone for the entire record, laying open the emotional roller coaster you are about to ride. Among the closing songs is "When I Die." This one sums up the journey very well, painting a picture of mortality that only Biram can fully appreciate.