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The Wheeler Brothers

Gold Boots Glitter – 2013 (Bismeaux)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Wheeler Brothers (there are three brothers in the act) sometimes sound like another rocking family act, Kings Of Leon, especially during opener My Time. But they're at their best when the music isn't quite so herky-jerky alternative rock, exemplified by I've Been Around, which has an easygoing, acoustic rock groove to it that leaves it sounding a bit like a Southwestern Maroon 5.

Those that only experience Wheeler Brothers through an iTunes download will never appreciate the decorative packaging that went into releasing "Gold Boots Glitter." Not only does the cover sparkle, like gold under bright light, but it also opens up like a child's picture book.

Musically, this album ranges from gentler, acoustic numbers, to more raved-up rockers, like Heather. Much of what happens throughout is sonically shiny, a lot like the CD's packaging. But just as all that glitters is not gold, the Wheeler Brothers' songwriting skills nevertheless still leave something to be desired. Few of these songs include lyrics that reach out, grab your attention and hold you for the duration of the song. Instead, the tracks sound pretty good without saying a whole lot. The listener is left wishing Wheeler Brothers showed the sort heart similar-sounding Old 97s always reveal.