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The Sweetback Sisters

The Sweetback Sisters' Country Christmas Singalong Spectacular – 2012 (Signature Sounds)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Those that dig Brian Setzer's Christmas albums and just can't get enough rockabilly-styled holiday music will likely get a big kick out of The Sweetback Sisters, led by Emily Miller and Zara Bode (not actual sisters) along with four other male members.

These six put together a rocking, 15-track throwback album. Although they rev it up for Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, they reveal the "sweet" harmonies in their Sweetback name during a lovely, easygoing version of Walking in a Winter Wonderland. They're also comfortable setting down electric guitars for the traditional country/folk of Beautiful Star of Bethlehem. Although it's nearly blasphemy to even imagine Rocking Around the Christmas Tree done by anyone ever than Brenda Lee, this group's take on the rocker, complete with a honking saxophone solo, is pretty darn cool. Cooler still is the Hawaiian sounds of Christmas Island.

About the only unforgiveable moment is when the act takes Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, and turn it into a 40-second animal sounds song. Not that there's anything wrong with pets singing holiday tunes; just don't butcher such a lovely, sacred tune like this one.

With that one faux pas aside, this album is easily 90 percent a good time. If you're in the mood to rock around the Christmas tree and you need more than one song to do that with, this primarily upbeat holiday album will get your party started, and keep it going all night long.