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Thad Cockrell

To Be Loved – 2009 (Major 7 Music)

Reviewed by John Walker

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Releasing his first solo album in six years, Thad Cockrell has reached back to find his roots and hopefully a new home. After displaying his warm soothing tenor vocals with Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown) in the 2005 duet album ("Begonias"), Cockrell took a break from recording and attempted to find more direction with his songwriting. What he found instead was himself, and the rest flowed naturally.

This eclectic collection of songs began as a short EP, but soon grew into much more. The project is much different than anything Cockrell has released before. Think Paul Simon from Simon and Garfunkel, and you will be getting warm. It has much more of a symphonic pop arrangement, with just enough country banjo to add depth and appeal.

Cockrell's vocal talents are more captivating on this release. His new-found confidence shows as he sings the mellow and touching songs written from his own heart. The accompanying piano and instrumentals enhance his vocals very well throughout.

An inspirational theme runs through the music. From the opening number (Pride), the touching (Beauty Has A Name), and the uplifting (He Set Me Free), Cockrell has done an exceptional job allowing his passion to flow within the music.

One can only wonder what has taken so long for this preacher's son to go back to his own roots and allow his voice to be heard.