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Webb Wilder

More Like Me – 2009 (Blind Pig/Landslide)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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Nashville roots-rocker Webb Wilder is self-effacing almost to a fault, where it's sometimes hard to figure out if one should take his shtick seriously. Wilder's second project for Blind Pig (following a live album in 2007) stays away from his more humorous side and leans a little more toward the blues that label is known for - but it's blues Webb Wilder style. That means on songs such as (Ju Ju Man and Still Water Runs Deep). It's filtered through the British Invasion's version of the blues with arrangements heavy on the backup singers and pop sounds.

It's still hard to take Wilder's talking-style voice seriously on the slower songs such as Pretty Is As Pretty Does, which comes across like watered-down John Hiatt, but his ability to infuse the classic sounds of the sixties from both sides of the Atlantic into his music with contemporary, energetic performances is still worth emulating - if only more bands from Nashville were more like Webb Wilder.