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Waylon Jennings

Waylon Forever – 2008 (Vagrant)

Reviewed by Steven Freedman

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Waylon Jennings will always be considered among the elite of country music. He was equally appealing as both a traditional country artist and that of a renegade, and this posthumously released CD done in conjunction with his son Shooter and his backing band The .357's can only attest to that point. It is a wonderful outing indicative of Jennings range from that of a rogue as on both Lonesome On'ry and Mean and Are You Ready for the Country to the reflective observer on the pristine Jack of Diamonds. Each song with the exception of the cover of Cream's White Room is infused with that special indefinable something which made Jennings stand out from the crowd. Whether his vocals are tinged with anger or tenderness, they always exuded a passion for the subject matter.

Shooter deserves credit for the sparseness of his production techniques by highlighting his father's talent, minimizing his own vocal contributions and bringing the immensely talented 357's on board. He has taken his father's 1995 idea of them collaborating on an album and done him proud.