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Zane Lewis

Zane Lewis – 2008 (Slant)

Reviewed by Michael Sudhalter

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Zane Lewis comes out swinging with southern rock anthems like "Welcome To The Southland" and "Bad Ass Country Band" on his sophomore release. The Texas native wants everyone to know what it's like to play in the honky tonks and assumes all southerners have a great dislike for NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

A southern rock sound has been a recent force on country radio, but Lewis proves he's more versatile than that on his self-titled, 12-track CD. "Come With Me" is a pop ballad where Lewis sounds like Dierks Bentley. On "Leavin'," a mid-tempo song. There's a touch of a Trace Adkins sound in it. But the highlights come when Lewis isn't rocking hard or sounding like today's chart-toppers. "Off The Record" speaks of how the narrator used country songs to enrich his life, and the tender ballad, "Even A Leaf", is all about letting go to a love gone wrong.

Lewis' versatility is evident, but his voice is enough to carry the music, although those rock guitars tend to hide it.