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Tommy Alverson

Country to the Bone – 2007 (Palo Duro)

Reviewed by Dawn Pomento

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There's one word for Tommy Alverson's music - sincere. From the CD name to the liner notes to the final notes of the last song and every bit in between, Alverson communicates with heartfelt sincerity. Alverson wrote 4 of the 14 tunes and chose the other songs with an ear toward a full band sound and simple lyrics.

What comes across loud and clear is that the Texan is a strong singer and performer. There might not be any surprises on the CD, but you can almost imagine Alverson - who shares producer credit with Patrick McGuire - saying, "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" One of the standouts is a cover of Doug Sahm's "Be Real," which would have made a good alternate title (or motto for Alverson).

This is the kind of memento that any fan would be happy to walk take home after a sweaty night in a Texas bar or dance hall. And since Alverson, an Arlington native, mostly plays the Fort Worth area - and never Nasvhville - the CD is the only way most folks will get to hear Alverson's heartfelt voice.