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Richie McDonald

If Everyday Could be Christmas – 2007 (LoReMoMa)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Richie McDonald, the former Lonestar lead singer, gives us a lush, traditional Christmas album on his debut. Frank Myers and Gary Baker helped McDonald produce this CD and also assisted in writing a few songs. These contributions include the title track, which calls for Christmas cheer all year round. Myers also give McDonald the silly "Why Santa's Fat" to have a little fun with, while Baker helped write "Christmas in New York," which gives the holiday a regional spin. McDonald also helped write a number of these songs for an album with more originals than covers. He contributed to "Coming Home for Christmas," "Christmas Lights," "Blessed Are the Hands That Give" and "Miracles Happen." McDonald also covers are "The Christmas Song," "Mary Did You Know" and "White Christmas."

When artists record Christmas songs that have already been tracked a million times previously, it can be a little like receiving a thoughtless gift card. But because McDonald put down so many new and unfamiliar Christmas songs, this approach gives "If Every Day Could Be Christmas" a likeable, homemade feel.