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Van Zant

My Kind of Country – 2007 (Columbia Nashville)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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It is no surprise that a Van Zant record is going to be more Southern fried rock than country. That was true with the debut "Get Right With the Man," and it certainly rings true again here. Brothers Johnny and Donnie Van Zant have family and professional ties to Lynyrd Skynyrd and 38 Special.

When they avoid those Southern rock cliches, the music shines with sincerity and rocks with passion and confidence. The disc-opening "Train" is a prime example of the rock side while "That Scares Me," a testament to the fear of a self-admitted wild child watching his daughter grow up and date, feels sincere and heartfelt. "It's Only Money" is probably the best of the lot growling around in the Little Feat/CCR stomping ground.

But when the duo goes for the obvious, it is so run-of-the-mill as to be painful to hear. While "These Colors Don't Run" may very well be sincere, it is presented in such a been-there, heard-that way as to diminish the message. "Goes Down Easy" is similarly awash in simple churnings that could even turn away the most inexperienced local garage bands.