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Session Americana

Beer Town: The Tabletop Collective, Vol. 3 – 2007 (Hi-N-Dry)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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Session Americana is a Boston-based group of six ringers featuring current and former members of The The, Treat Her Right, Patty Griffin, Lori McKenna, Dennis Brennan and others. Loose, fun and friendly is the vibe that flows with highly skilled musicianship, excellent songs and a good deal of variety over 8 songs and just over 30 minutes.

The title track is a clever sing-along that every pub and home should be proud to have on their jukebox. And while you're singing "Beer Town," you'll also want to learn "Born Again," another fun one that gets in your head quick. "Ice Cream Man" and "Something Heavy" are funky, bluesy good times that the band pulls off with natural ease. The easy going alt.-country of "Month of Sundays" and "Trinity" have hints of Whiskeytown and Matthew Sweet. A short but soulfully satisfying listen.