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The Greencards

Viridian – 2007 (Dualtone)

Reviewed by Brett Leigh Dicks

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Cross-cultural pollination is always an intriguing proposition. And none more so when it embraces the musical roots of a given culture. Across the course of three albums, two Australians and one Brit have been carving an envious path through the sacred and fertile pastures of Americana. Fittingly adopting the moniker of The Greencards, Kym Warner and Carol Young (the Australian component) along with Eamon McLoughlin (their Regal partner) surface with the third installment of their unique musical crusade. And perhaps the most endearing quality of their new recording is its unbridled infectiousness. From the bristling "Lonesome Side of Town" to the reflective "River of Sand," there is no questioning the contagious embrace these three musical interlopers display for the medium.

In opening their quest with the sultry "Waiting On The Night," the CD proceeds to continue the sweet romancing with the gentle reframe of "Here You Are." It is the pristine vocals of Young that have dictated the temper until now, but through "Who Knows," Warner is afforded the opportunity to take command and inject an old time edge to the musical landscape. For his vocal contribution, McLoughlin enthusiastically embraces verses composed by English poet A. E. Houseman and sprightly employs them within the ballad "When I Was In Love With You." With the vivacious bluegrass yearning of the instrumental "Mucky The Duck" closing out the recording, "Viridian" projects a kaleidoscope of temperament and tone. It also clearly defines Americana as an ethos, not a state.