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Wayne Hancock

Tulsa – 2006 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Brian Steinberg

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When the bass and the lead singer's voice both have enough crackle to make one's ears perk up and take notice, why, one must be in Wayne Hancock country, although it's also known as "Tulsa" these days.

Hancock has made a name for himself as something of a countrfied crooner, having gained some fame as the singer of the lovely hushed ballad, "Thunderstorms & Neon Signs." But here, Wayne 'The Train' comes across as something more akin to a modern-day Bob Wills. There is call-and-response on the title track and recognition doled out to other band members throughout.

Hancock's voice might not always go so easy on the ear - it's an idisosyncratic sound at times - but with road songs aplenty such as "Shootin' Star From Texas" and "Drinkin' Blues," you certainly can indulge Hancock and his band as they provide the soundtrack for a trip down the highway.