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Sally Spring

Mockingbird – 2006 (Sniffinpup)

Reviewed by Rick Bell

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Though Sally Spring may not be a household name among the latte-sipping coffeehouse folk set, it's not for a lack of viable material. Spring has performed on the folk circuit for some 30 years, primarily in L.A. and the South. Armed with a new record that's set for a wider distribution, Spring is ready to break out of the dreaded inner circle. And, if there was an album to take nationally, this is the one.

Spring's songwriting is insightful yet accessible, painting slice-of-life portraits like "Floyd Johnson" and the free-spirited "Going to California." Her vocals, though a bit battle-weary, embellish the lyrics with a confident and mature resonance.

Spring's ensemble includes Gene Parsons, Marshall Crenshaw, Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell, and while too may guest stars can spoil a record, Spring remains front and center. It's enough star power to catch the eye of the most casual folkie, yet there's plenty of Sally Spring for an inner circle that now has lots of room to grow. (Box 1906, Kernersville, NC 27285)