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Darrell Scott

The Invisible Man – 2006 (Full Light)

Reviewed by Corinne Brown

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Nashville musician, composer, songwriter, and mystic, Darrell Scott continues to defy labels or boundaries in his newest CD that opens with the compelling lyrics and driving rhythms of Hank Williams Ghost, musically rich with multiple instruments including mandolin, accordion and weissenborn slide. Followed by the metaphoric "There's A Stone Around My Belly," his piercing message about his own dark side and search for salvation, starts to cut deep. Two-time Grammy award winning artist, Scott pens fresh lyrics and knows his craft, as well he should, having played with or for nearly every luminary in the country arena and beyond, blending bluegrass, blues, folk, jazz, and rock.

Surrounded by a knockout assembly of musical genius including Danny Thompson, Kenny Malone, Suzi Ragsdale, Tim O'Brien and guitarist Richard Bennett, the disc was mixed by the multiple Grammy-winning sound engineer Gary Paczosa who gave it the quality of a live performance. The only cover, "Shattered Cross," written by the late Stuart Adamson of Big Country, is a compelling ballad about temptation and loss, with outstanding e-bow guitar and pedal steel backup sung against a driving conga drum driven rhythm. The soul-stripping honesty of "The River is Me" strikes deep - Scott sings this revelation like a personal hymn for us all. And the poignant spirituality of "In My Final Hour," an ode to the transition from death into that final release, is joyful and clear.

Scott reaches out musically and grabs you with memorable stories that speak of Scott's deep understanding of our complex and troubled times. (PO Box 40100 Nashville, TN 37204, 615-385-0001)