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Woody Lee

Get Over It – 1995 (Atlantic)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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"I Can Do That," the infectiously-upbeat tune that kicks off Lee's debut has got hit written all over it, even though it wasn't. He follows this up with the title track, which says all those things we wish we could say to friends who are determined to milk a broken - or even a bruised - heart for all it's worth. However, highlights are hard to come by in the remainder of the album. Lee has shown great promise as a songwriter; he co-wrote the number one single "I See It Now" for Tracy Lawrence, but only wrote one of the songs here. There are no flat notes or incredibly dumb lyrics here. (Although "I wish I could take a photograph of the sound of your voice" from "Hold It Right There" comes dangerously close.) The last eight songs are the aural equivalent of Chinese food - pleasant enough going in, but an hour later you find that it really hasn't stuck with you, and you're hungry for something more filling.