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Way Station

Looking For Love – 1996 (Lakes)

Reviewed by Mark "Brink" Brinkman

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Smooth bluegrass may be a contradiction in terms, but describes the sound on this debut. This project may appeal to folk enthusiasts more so than bluegrass purists. While all the main bluegrass instruments are present, they are intertwined in a new and fresh sound. The bandconcentrates on showcasing the overall sound and does not feature any one instrument over the other. While very effective, one longed for that one song where the "drive" would knock you off your chair. "Five by Five" had the potential, but never materialized. One of the high points is the beautifully written Kate Wolf song "Like A River." All but three cuts were penned by band members, and overall the strength of their songwriting is consistently very good, but not great. This is a very enjoyable album by a group of musicians caring deeply about their music.