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Waylon Jennings

Right For the Time – 1996 (Justice)

Reviewed by George Hauenstein

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Though put out to pasture by RCA and ignored by most of country radio, Waylon Jennings still has a lot to say, musically. His voice sounds as clear and as energetic as it has since the early '80's. All of the elements fans have come to expect from Waylon over the years - soulful songwriting, tales of good ol' boys having fun, great harmonies, strong bass and drum lines, songs that pick fun at the Nashville-establishment - are present here. Long-time Waylon fans will appreciate "Deep In The West," a duet with wife, Jessi Colter. Favorites include the tongue-in-cheek, "Living Legends, Part II," where Waylon vents a bit about the current state of country music, "The Most Sensible Thing," a heartfelt love song, "Wasting Time," about a relationship who's time has come and gone, and "Cactus, Texas," reminiscent of one of his old hits, "Luckenback, Texas (Back To The Basics of Love)." This is one of his best recordings in years. It's clear that even in middle age, ol' Waylon can deliver a set of songs about as well as anyone.