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Warren Brothers

Barely Famous Hits – 2005 (BMG)

Reviewed by Michael Sudhalter

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If nothing else, Brett and Brad Warren show that they can look back on their brief popularity in country music with some good-hearted laughter. The rock-oriented duo's song "Sell A Lot of Beer," sums up the career of popular nightclub performers: "I don't sell a lot of records, but I sure sell a lot of beer."

Warren Brothers' fans will like the group's standard fare, which includes hits like "Guilty," "Move On" and "That's the Beat of a Heart," while casual country music fans will probably skip this disc, their third for the label, which already has dropped them twice.

While the Warrens review their past, they also provide a glimpse into the future with "Change" - a song about a guy waiting for his luck to turn around. Perhaps the most interesting song is "Hey Mr. President," a nonpartisan ode to the large responsibilities of a president with the line "I ain't no Democrat, I ain't no Republican." In a world full of strong messages from Toby Keith to Steve Earle, it's nice to hear a nice middle of the road political song.