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Travis Tritt

Down the Road I Go – 2000 (Sony Nashville)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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Travis Tritt may be the rare country artist who can appeal to fans both old and new to the genre. He took time off after the birth of his second child, wisely spending the time writing songs. Six songs here are Tritt co-writes, including hit single "Best Of Intentions." On the surface a typically contemporary country ballad, Tritt imbues the sentimental song with naked honesty to strike a chord with any one who has fallen short of their goals in life.

Tritt may have had his biggest success with ballads, but he also has been adept at infusing some rock textures into his songs. "Southbound Train," with its echoes of 1950's Chuck Berry riffs and some rollicking piano accompaniment, is a barnburner co-written with Charlie Daniels, and "Livin On Borrowed Time," makes good use of some greasy acoustic slide for a sound not heard on country radio since Leroy Parnell's hit years.

After a decade of his own best intentions, Tritt has finally hit upon a balance of rock, soul and solid country music that works.