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Tracy Byrd

The Truth About Men – 2003 (RCA)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Tracy Byrd owns a big sounding voice, but he has rightfully managed to get pigeon-holed as either singer of novelty fare, kind of like Joe Diffie did, or lightweight mushy songs. But Byrd has recorded far better material than "Watermelon Crawl," perhaps the height of novelty absurdity.

What Byrd has been unable to do is break free from those shackles and be allowed to sing hard core country, something he is clearly capable of doing. And unfortunately this is no exception. The title track is cute enough, but doesn't cut very deep. Why bother recording "How'd I Wind Up in Jamaica," a reggae light ditty that sounds more fit for Jimmy Buffett? And the lead-off "Drinkin' Bone" may be catchy melody wise, but singing about the "party bone being connected to the drinking bone" may want to make you so drunk the lyrics are rendered indecipherable. The love song, "Baby Put Your Clothes On," suffers from clunky lyrics about being nude.

Byrd's voice holds up well enough throughout, but the truth here is that the pigeon hole fits and once again is a bitter pill to swallow.