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Tim Wilson

Getting' My Mind Right – 1999 (Capitol Nashville)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Tim Wilson says that his job is to "holler and scream about stuff that makes me mad." Fortunately for comedy fans, a lot of things grab his goat, including Al Gore, Abraham Lincoln's father, gun control, English people, Egyptian people and especially white people. He's intentionally selling himself short however. Ranting isn't all he does, even though he's very good at it.

For one thing, he can sing. If you enjoy bad puns and country music, you'll love "Nashville Name-Dropping School" ("He's wariner better students...We have faith hill go mcGrawful far.") Besides the new songs here like "The Devil Was a Nerd in High School" Wilson's second Capitol CD includes the classic "If You Try to Save This Marriage Again, I'll Kill You."

Though he sounds like his neck is redder than anything Jeff Foxworthy ever dreamed up, Wilson is nobody's fool. When someone in the audience tries to correct his pronunciation of the word "hummus" he tells her, "Don't correct the hillbilly. I was an English major in college; I'm qualified to teach your kids grammar." He's studied history as well, and you'll learn on this record who invented the paper bag and who was the first man to face the electric chair - along with more practical tidbits of wisdom like "A clinic ain't the best place to pick up dates; Don't rent a room from a man named Bates" on the "100 Things to Remember." Okay, okay, here's two more: "If you say 'I do,' be the ugly one; Never play strip poker in a nursing home."

Let's go ahead and make it 102 things to remember - "It's important to go tee-hee; so be sure and buy this CD."