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Tim McGraw

A Place in the Sun – 1999 (Curb)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Tim McGraw should be on top of the world, soaking in the golden glow of his success. But whether it's a great drinking song ("She'll Have You Back") or even a lyrically hopeful selection ("Somebody Must Be Prayin' For Me"), many songs are sabotaged by an undercurrent of sadness. It's as if McGraw is trying to put on a brave face, yet unable to hide his submerged feelings of melancholia.

McGraw may be able to pull out all the stops and turn his live performances into simulated action adventure movies, but for his recording approach this time out, he puts himself in the shoes of the lovelorn, as with "You Don't Love Me Anymore" and the current single "Please Remember Me."

By slowing down his torrid pace a tad, though, one has a chance to catch the expressiveness in McGraw's voice. His may not be a instrument with a lot of range, but he makes the best of what God's given him. The band plays it straight throughout without a lot showing off, which leaves McGraw's voice front and center in the spotlight.

This release may not attain the status of spring beach party favorite, but it might just be the perfect accompaniment for a little late night reflection in a darkened room, after the love's all gone