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The Sadies

Tremendous Efforts – 2001 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Brian Baker

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The Sadies are like an unfaithful lover with a sense of honor, anunrepentant rover who will only cheat within a proscribed set of criteria.On their latest sonic quilt, The Sadies, the brainchild of Canadian brothersDallas and Travis Good, veer madly between their love of '60's garage rock,the traditional country of their famous-in-the-Great-White-North family heritage, and the surf ambience that has marked their other band project, Phono-comb.

The Sadies' pure country pickin' and grinnin' on "120 Miles an Hour," "Ridge Runner Rag" and their cover of Jeffrey Lee Pierce's "Mother of Earth" isshoved up against the Pocoish country rock of the King/Goffin classic "IWasn't Born to Follow" and the Chet Atkins-meets-The Ventures vibe of "TheCreepy Butler" and "Pass the Chutney," which tees up the raucous Standells-fueled "Flash." There are enough cross currents here to inspire a wicked undertow.

In less talented hands, this scattered approach would be a liability, butthe confidence and verve with which the Sadies attack these varied genresmakes it hard to argue with their diversity. The Sadies are amazing studentsof musical history, and this more than lives up to its title.