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The Sadies

Favourite Colours – 2004 (Yep Roc)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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The Sadies, a band built upon the brotherly talents of Dallas and Travis Good, once again released an album of new songs, which somehow sound like they were lifted directly off of late 60s/early 70s AM radio. About a third of this project is instrumental, and it touches upon surf music, psychedelic elements and a hefty dosage of country rock.

The acts' instrumental prowess is revealed on tracks like "Northumberland West," which races at Don Rich-like guitar speed, and "Only You and Your Eyes," which is driven by a more surf-inspired guitar feel. There are also moments when "Sweetheart of the Rodeo"-era Byrds comes to mind, especially with "A Good Flying Day." "Translucent Sparrow" is slow and mournful, and also slightly psychedelic. Additionally, it includes stately horns toward the track's end.

In a few instances, The Sadies broaden its horizons just a tad. "Coming Back," for example, is a Meat Puppets-y country-rocker, whereas guest vocalist Robyn Hitchcock helps give "Why Would Anybody Live Here?" an early Beatles feel. The Sadies' music is most often centered around capturing a particular aural vibe, rather than making any kind of a lyrical statement. Nevertheless, "1000 Cities Falling, Pt. 1" speaks out about the futility of military conflict. Perhaps "Familiar Colours" would have been a more apt title for this one.