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Tammy Cochran

Life Happened – 2002 (Epic)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Even though Tammy Cochran has as much pure vocal power as the next diva, her singing always draws you helplessly into her web, instead of bowling you over. She also has the good sense to choose - or write - songs that tell stories, instead of settling for the kind of half-witted wordplay trying to pass itself off as songwriting these days. A winning album, much like life itself, doesn't just happen: Memorably recorded works of art are created with dedicated love and care, which is exactly how Cochran approached this.

Positive-thinking-in-song, as exemplified by "I'm Getting There," is thankfully in short supply here. Instead one is treated to the frightening "Dead Of The Night," which tells the tale about a husband who tries to blame his spousal abuses on a drinking problem. The title track makes the point that finding true love is to be treasured far above meeting career goals. "I Used To Be That Woman" is a woman-to-woman warning about a man who doesn't practice relationship fidelity.

Bill Joe Walker produced with a light touch; one that always keeps Cochran's voice as the central focus. Cochran is a naturally conversational singer, much like the late Tammy Wynette, and this ought to breathe welcome new life into today's otherwise stale airwaves.