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The Supersuckers

Must've Been High – 1997 (Sub Pop)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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The Supersuckers are a Seattle punk band that hung out with Willie Nelson at Farm Aid and decided to record a country album. Does anyone remember Ween's "Twelve Golden Country Greats"? Of course not. Granted, the Supersuckers do country a bit more justice, but you won't hear these songs on your radio anytime soon.

Under the guidance of Nelson's producer Randall Jamail, they put punk lyrics, often about drugs and life on the road, on top of traditional country tracks. The results have their moments. Kelley Deal sings on the duet, "Hungover Together," featuring the line, "It's always good to see you my friend/And to wake up hungover together again." Buck Owens, this ain't. "Barricade" is a tribute to the structure that protects bad bands from objects hurled by a drunk audience. ("If you start throwin' trash I'm gonna kick out your teeth/From behind the barricade.")