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Stop the Truck

The 2 Step Program – 1999 (STT)

Reviewed by Eli Messinger

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Austin quartet Stop the Truck! offers up their second LP of original country, honky-tonk and Western Swing, serving as the perfect accompaniment for your second (or third or fourth) Shiner Bock. The music is propelled by Wally Doggett's drumming, and loaded with the guest fiddle and steel of Darcie Deaville and Marty Muse, respectively.

The title track's 2-step is a classic call for a sloppy spin around the floor, futilely salving a busted heart with a succession of faceless dance partners. Singer/songwriters Alan Moe Monserrat and Steve Carter offer up a variety of tales, from the pop romance of "Silky Sue" to the moonshine laden "Georgia Moon." Their great sense of humor is displayed in the sophisticated lounge-meets-cartoon-swing "Tex Avery Song" and the novelty of love-denied, "All Hanky No Panky," while their music ranges easily from the Alley-Oop beat of "Love Wig" to the folky "Bird on a Wire."

If you can't get to central Texas to settle in at one of the local watering holes, Stop the Truck!'s latest will at least provide the soundtrack. (STT, Box 19044, Austin, TX 78760, 512-243-0673)