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Steve Azar

Heartbreak Town – 1996 (River North)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Steve Azar has the looks and voice, but he needs some different material. It's not bad, and the crowd at a live performance would be tapping their toes, but it's not strong enough to carry its weight on radio. The hooks just aren't there, and the riffs don't stick with you. This is definitely new country - more Billy Joel than Billy Anderson. Then you get to "As Long As Harley Gets To Play" with a killer lap steel; too bad he doesn't turn it loose. Imagine a fusion of Jim Croce and a mellow John Mellencamp, and you've imagined this CD. Entertaining, but not memorable, with the songs, except for "Harley" and a "Deadman's Curve"-spawned "Thunderbird" all sounding too much alike. Azar has the talent, but he needs to jump on a shuffle beat bar song and do some country.