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Sally Timms

Cowboy Sally – 1997 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Bill Sacks

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An e.p.-length compilation of Mekonista Timms's recent forays intoclassic country styles, this represents a blunt attempt atimbuing one of American music's most staid lyrical traditions withinnuendo-filled humor.

Which is to say that our Cowboy's sly jokes areconsiderably more effective than her rancor, a conclusion which may comeas a surprise to fans of the Mekons' "Edge Of The World." That record(Sin Records, 1986) practically dripped vitriol and is at least equal tothis set as a representation of Timms' vested interest in the tradition.Much of the playing on these sides (from the Waco Brothers and other likeminded souls around the Chicago "insurgent" scene) is haphazard, leaving sonic loose ends which don't entirely gel with her tendency toward vocal reserve.

The highlight: a spot-on cover of "Long Black Veil,"with the original lyric's gendered pronouns gleefully intact. Bless her heart.