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Ronnie Glover

Nothing Ever Changes – 1999 (Hayden's Ferry)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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With a weathered voice, which at times borders on the Jimmy Dale Gilmore-esque, Ronnie Glover sings with subtle insight about small town life. The title cut tells of a town that seems to have fallen off the progress train. One suspects Y2K was never much of an issue there.

Glover is more concerned with human faults and frailties. He proves to have many of the same storytelling skills as Tom Russell, whose "Navajo Rug" he covers. But it's his own song, "The You And Me Waltz," that takes the prize among the 13 cuts. Supported by a lone mandolin's vibrato and an empathetic fiddle, it speaks of the beautiful music two lovers make. "So please take my hand and be my partner/And we'll waltz together in love me and you." Like any memorable waltz, this tune is a dizzying delight.

Glover doesn't try to get tricky here. Instead, he lets the basics of gentle singing and honest songwriting be his strength. If nothing ever changes in his chosen approach, it'll be for the best. (Box 27747, Tempe, AZ 85285, Hayden's Ferry)