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Roger Springer Band

The Roger Springer Band – 1999 (Giant)

Reviewed by Greg Tutunjian

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The Roger Springer Band's debut will remind you of many of your favorite country singers and bands. That's because this band sounds like many popular artists: Lyle Lovett, Vince Gill, Merle Haggard and Alan Jackson. While very likeable, the band also doesn't distinguish itself.

The 11 songs - of which Springer, who wrote several Mark Chesnutt songs, penned more than half - are well written and insightful. "I Don't Understand (All I Know About Love)" is a well-spoken piece on how confounding love can be, even when in the know. "The Last Dance" is a smart view of confronting reality and imagination when asking someone else to dance. "That Would Be You" is a touching duet about two people meeting. "That Ain't Like Me" is about what can happen when you meet someone new, still thinking about the person who just left. "Love Lives On" is a fast-paced shuffle that sings the virtues of love's resilience.

The production puts a damper on what could have been be a much more engaging CD. The band needs a small, smoke-filled bar, where they can cut loose, throw themselves into their music and take us along for the ride.