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Blink of an Eye – 1997 (Sony)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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In an era when bands are at a premium, Ricochet assumed the mantle as among the very few new groups gaining any kind of foothold. On their second outing, Ricochet put together an album seemingly done with an ear to radio.

The title track even has an obvious line about being as fast as Ricochet bullet, which you know crowds will eat up in concert, but comes off as gimmicky. The sextet clearly mines the pop side of country on songs ("Connected at the Heart" and the HNC "You Still Got It") lacking the depth of competitor Lone Star where you at least get a slice of life.

Heath Wright sings well enough ("The Girl Formerly Known as Mine" and the rollicking "Don+t Forget to Feed the Jukebox (While I'm Gone)"), and backing harmonies give the songs a kick.

This album may gain a foothold at radio from any number of songs, but that says more about the quality of radio than this very safe, been there, done that album.