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Rick Trevino

Learning As You Go – 1996 (Columbia)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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Rick Trevino looks good in a cowboy hat and has a decent voice, and the instrumental backing on this album is impeccable. In short, he'll probably have a few decent hit singles, starting with the title track.

So why won't anyone but his mother be listening to this album two years from now? Trevino never sings it like he means it. He sings "Running Out of Reasons to Run," a joyous song about acknowledging true love, and "I Wish He Wouldn't Treat Her That Way," a tune that could be interpreted as jealous, bitter, or regretful by a more talented singer, with the same control and lack of emotion.

He sounds fine, but his music would be a lot more interesting if he would just let himself cut loose and sound like he cares. Now granted, there's not a whole lot to care about in these 10 lackluster tunes, but one gets the impression that better tunes would just be wasted on Trevino anyway.