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Richard Burr

Let It Rain – 2001 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Scott Homewood

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Californian Richard Burr is in a great spot to take advantage of the Americana format. Armed with a passel of good songs, this Haggard-looking, Forbert-sounding artist has got the goods to make it big in these musically perilous times. Along with his guitar, harmonica and songs, he's also got a great band and a mature sensibility that goes far beyond his boyish voice.

Like Forbert, he seemingly can't write a bad song. Let's just hope that by including "Romeo's Tune" with his own fine songs, Burr hasn't resigned himself to the same sort of underground status Forbert finds himself struggling in.

Forbert never deserved it, and Burr doesn't either. (E-Mail: