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Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys

Forever Always Ends – 1999 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Brian Baker

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Don't let the Bloodshot logo lull you into a false sense of twangcore. There is nothing alternative about Rex Hobart's country music, other than the fact that it is as pure as still liquor and just as potent. Hobart and the Misery Boys play it traditional and undiluted, drawing from sources like Buck Owens and Marty Robbins to create a middle America '60's vision of the form that has absolutely no aspirations to contemporary young Americana buzzword status.

One look at some of Hobart's titles will clue you to the cut of his flannel. With weepers like "I Walked In While He Was Changing Your Mind," "Make Me Hate You Before You Go" and "Happy Birthday Broken Heart," and rousers like "Nothin' But Nothin'" and "Between a Rock and a Heartache," you just know that Hobart couldn't be any more authentic. Hobart is an honest-to-God throwback to a time when country music meant pedal steel and fiddle and turn that guitar down, son. If you're looking for real, Rex is the deal.