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Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys

Your Favorite Fool – 2002 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Brian Baker

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Thank all things holy that there are guys like Rex Hobart out in the world who remember the finer points of true country and honky tonk music. With their third amazing album, Hobart and the Misery Boys alternately tear up the dance floor and every heart in the room as they swing with the promise of a hot Saturday night or sob with the regret of a lonely Sunday morning.

With his standard bows to Bakersfield, Hobart and the Boys sizzle on the stomping "I Don't Feel It Anymore" and "Gotta Get Back to Forgetting You," and ache on the melancholy "Take It Back (Before You Mean It)" and "Promise to Be Honest." On an album packed with highlights, Hobart's duet with Kelly Hogan on Bobby Braddock's circle-of-love weeper "Golden Ring" hits the bell with one sad and powerful swing. Whether he's basking in the glow of love gone right or drinking away the pain of love just gone, Rex Hobart possesses the authenticity and the chops to wither the shiny faux country pop crop coming out of Nashville these days.