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Regina Regina

Regina Regina – 1997 (Giant)

Reviewed by Dan Kuchar

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One would expect a debut album from two of Reba McEntire's employees tobe cut from the same stylistic cloth. However, Reginas Nicks and Leigh alongwith producers James Stroud and Wally Wilson delivered a release containing something most recent country albums don't have; a well-definedtrademark sound.

Regina Regina's sound is high-energy country pumped upwith heavier than normal drums and guitars. The treatment of the uptempo songs tip the scale decidedly in the favor of pop/rock. Nevertheless, the gals' textbook country duo harmonies never let youforget that this is a country album. While their treatment of ballads isdecent ("Ticket Out Of Kansas"), they are at their best whenthey rock ( "Big Bad Broken Heart" and "Right Plan,Wrong Man"originally written for Terri Clark).

Unlike most HNC, the pop/rock influence is not necessarily a badthing. The folks at Giant had better watch it, though. If they're not careful, this thing could cross over.