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The Kinleys

Between You and Me – 1997 (Sony)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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It practically reeks of gimmickry: two breathtaking bottle blondes from the City of Brotherly Love - and they're twins, no less. But Jennifer and Heather are no bimbos. Note the refreshing absence of the cheesecake photos that even established female stars have stooped to including in their CDs. Check out the Judd-esque harmonies on their first single "Please" and the rocking "Dance in the Boat." Then listen more carefully and scan the lyric sheet; these girls co-wrote half of the 10 songs here, almost unheard of for a debut in Nashville these days.

And the songs here, while not particularly twangy or envelope-pushing, are at least about something (other than about three minutes); "Contradiction" concerns the difficulty of having to let go of someone you love, the standout "Takin' Our Own Sweet Time" is about stopping to smell the roses and how it annoys the fast-trackers when you do so.

This may be country lite, but it's good country lite.