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Terri Clark

Pain To Kill – 2003 (Mercury)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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Terri Clark went out on a limb with her fourth album, "Fearless," proving she was everything the title implied. It was a risky, personal venture into the more introspective world of the singer/songwriter, which is what she is. But her new release, "Pain To Kill," is also about what she is which is a talented, beautiful unapologetic country music performer.

Clark is the Canadian country artist who hasn't recorded both pop and country versions of her new album. This is powered by a rock and roll energy, but has strong country instrumentation and lyrics that will be easily identified by most of those who listen to country.

From the I'm-staying-even-though-I'm-angry message of the hit single "I Just Wanna Be Mad" to the voice of "I Wanna Do It All," which busts out of the no holds barred gate, this disc is a wildly pleasurable outing. Clark is in strong voice, self-assured yet under control. She even takes time out to be less assertive and devoid of all the answers on "The One You Love."

Any fans who got off Clark's bandwagon an album ago will want to climb back on for this 12-song thrill ride.