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Sons of the Desert

Change – 2000 (MCA)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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The changes for Sons of the Desert are apparent. They scaled back from a quintet to a trio. And after a dispute with their previous label, Sony, about use of a song, they switched labels.

But did that make any difference when it came to the music? Yese and no. Lead singer Drew Womack still possesses a strong, soulful set of chords. His vibrant voice is one with much command of the lyrics.

It's in the songs where the biggest change is noticed, and that's not a plus. The first had more of a country feel from Womack's vocals to the music. The soph effort borders far more towards a generic, pop-sounding brand of country. There's little distinctive about the material that any number of other groups could have performed. Sons of the Desert may have a voice, but they don't have a sound.

Change sometimes is good, but it wasn't necessarily for the better in this case.